1-2: Drawbridge
Chapter Darken

Premise Edit

Following Sergeant Gant's successful sortie with the Mercs in the first mission, he must cross the River Angada near the Darken border. Unfortunately, the river is guarded by several infantry, a sweep turret and 3 tactical defense HAWCs that are open to negotiating using compliance or weapons.

Previous: Battle of the Renegade Mercs
Next: Darken Convoy Facade
The Drawbridge Encounter
Conflict: G-Nome Mission
Result: Sgt. Gant enters the Darken territory.




Joshua Gant

Darken commander


1 UIA operative

Darken border guard

Objectives Edit

  • Commandeer Darken vehicle.
  • Lower bridge and cross River Angada.
  • Avoid sweep turret. Eject if surrounded.

Unit Count Edit

Easy Mode Edit

Medium Mode Edit

Hard Mode Edit

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