I-POD 2 051

A Merc base with a troop and mech.

The Mercs are one of the four races in G-Nome. The Mercs are known for using stolen weaponary for their HAWCs. Another notable fact about the Mercs is that all of their HAWCs lack an Auto-Eject feature, meaning that if the player is in a Merc HAWC when it is destroyed, they will be killed instantly.



  • The Mercs are the only race to have a HAWC exclusive to their race.
  • They are also the only race to lack Auto-Eject capability in all and any of their HAWCs.
  • The Mercs have the most HAWCs out of any other race, with six.
  • The Mercs are the only race whose soldiers do not share the same name of their race.

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